QPU Evaulation and Enablement

Lost in Jungle

Quantum hardware is an active area of research. More than 100 commercial organisations, academic groups and government-affiliate laboratories worldwide are racing on how to design, build, and control qubit systems

Numerous established and start-up companies are now working to commercialize quantum computers built from superconducting and trapped ion qubits.

Although reports in the popular press tend to focus on development of qubits and the number of qubits in the current prototypical quantum computing chip, the individual quantum processing units differ in their offering depending on the qubit quality, coherence time, and gate fidelity. Each of these parameters will have significant impact on the outcome of the specific problem being solved. Access to these platforms will have another dimension of complexity.

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With collaborations across various QPU providers and evaluation parameters readily available, you can leverage our expertise and choose the appropriate hardware platform suitable for your solution. As an independent service provider, we provide unbiased feedback on different options available which can be further augmented with type of engagement you would like to establish with specific platform.

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