Application Discovery Services

We offer services to understand your organisation's business processes and problem domains to adopt quantum computing.

We will examine your pain areas and complex use cases, ethical, regulatory and policy considerations and user needs. Recommendations include the roadmap to adopt quantum computing into the organisation along with associated benefits and next steps.


  • Discovery approach, in line with the state of the art research and proven use cases

  • Review of current organisation architecture and business processes

  • Internal and external user research to inform next steps

  • Considers ethics, legal and policy constraints for your organisation

  • GDPR compliant

  • Catalogue of quantum computing products and services to match readiness assessment

  • Tailored strategy for adopting quantum computing

  • Roadmap and next steps for leveraging business benefits with quantum computing


  • Context-specific recommendations which span people, processes and technological advancements

  • Assessment of appropriateness of available quantum computing platforms, products and services

  • Roadmap to inform future investment and quantum transformation

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